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For the Love of FREE Travel

As long as I can remember, I have loved to travel. And I especially love free travel.

The way I have traveled has changed over the years, but my enthusiasm has never waned.

As a broke 20-something, to satiate my wanderlust, I took jobs with foreign travel perks, including working on cruise ships. And I started collecting frequent flyer miles to take advantage of my many flights.

Once I began working a 9-5 office job, I realized that I had to get creative to afford the travel that I craved since I was no longer traveling for work like before.

I discovered that credit card deals could help me bank some serious frequent flyer miles. I was able to earn more miles by opening an American Airlines Mastercard than three years of coast-to-coast flights on American airlines when I was living in California and working out of Miami.

I started reading blogs that shared tips on how to earn frequent flyer miles like the Art of Nonconformity. I read Flyertalk forums.

Most importantly, the blogs demonstrated that free travel was something I could continue to enjoy with a little bit of planning.

I was hooked.

That was around 2008. Since then I have earned enough miles to allow my husband and I to take several trips with minimal cost and several perks. We even took Amtrak from Northern California to Chicago in a sleeper car using miles.

When our daughter was born we followed this advice to earn a Southwest Airlines companion pass for free flights, allowing our points to travel twice as far.

Now I put nearly all my spending on credit cards. The key is to pay off the credit cards every month. And I am diligent. If you aren’t able to pay off your credit card every month, then don’t play this game. The free travel isn’t worth the high interest.

Lately I have been focusing on earning more hotel miles. We anticipate many weekend road trips in our future, and a hotel comes in very handy. Our travel lives continue to evolve. 🙂

Beach vacation free travel

Whether you are single or a family traveler, there are many ways you can earn miles toward free travel.

If you are new to earning frequent flyer miles, start by checking out these sites to learn creative ways to earn free travel:

What are your tips for earning free or nearly free travel?

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