Barriers to Exercise–Exploring why fitness doesn’t fit

You plan to workout. Exercise is on your calendar and you are pumped. But somehow it doesn’t happen today. Maybe tomorrow?

You wake up. Tomorrow is now today. You plan to workout, and then life gets in the way once again.

And you wonder, “How do I break this cycle?”

Of course, breaking the cycle is important, but first let’s figure out how your good exercise intentions keep getting foiled.

For me, it’s a full-time job and a busy toddler that often keep me from exercise. Or when I am traveling and don’t have the time or the space. Daily life gets in the way. It’s always something.

If I don’t make time to workout first thing in the morning, then it is too easy for other commitments to creep up. Most evenings I’m tired and would rather hang out with my family than exercise.

So not making exercise a priority in the morning is my biggest barrier because the morning is when I am most likely to have the time and energy to exercise.

Now that I know my barrier, I can figure out ways to overcome it. That is the first step.

What is keeping you from your workouts? Can you identify what foils your exercise intentions on a regular basis?

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