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Hi! I’m Kimberly. I write to help people become fit in all aspects of their lives. From physical fitness to finances, I believe that the best way to get fit is to keep it simple.

Why Fit Simple Life?

It’s all about striving for balance and simplifying life to make enough time for family, friends, exercise, relaxation and fun.

In 2012 while pregnant with my first baby, I was determined to have a “fit” pregnancy and to have everything organized just right before baby’s arrival.

Have you heard the one about best-laid plans?

At 15 weeks pregnant I was placed on bed rest for the next 5 months. As an active person, I was heartbroken. I was forced to stop teaching fitness and to work from my couch. (Aside: I was lucky that my boss was awesome and let me telecommute.)

But something funny happened. Being on bed rest taught me to slow down and roll with the punches. If I wanted to have a healthy baby, it was my only choice. Day by day I began to enjoy the quiet pace.  I stopped grinding my teeth. My headaches went away. And you know what? I loved this new relaxed me. I’m doing my best to maintain this attitude even as a working Mom. It isn’t always easy, but I’m trying.

Why Simple? Overall, we are striving to keep our home life as simple as possible. My husband manages his family business and I teach courses at a local community college in addition to my fitness passion. Though I strive to simplify, at times it’s a struggle. I clear out clutter, but then have a tendency to over-commit and stress myself out with too much to do. Please tell me I’m not the only one trying to break this cycle…

I love writing about fitness (physical and financial), the joys and challenges of simplifying, and how to organize amazing family travel on a budget. This is our family’s journey toward a fit and simple life, including detours.

My Fitness Background

I’m an ACE certified group fitness instructor, 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher and hold several specialty group fitness certifications including cycling, Pilates, Barre and Tabata bootcamp.

Since 1994 I have taught exercise classes in diverse settings including colleges, senior centers, cruise ships, YMCA youth programs, on-site employee wellness programs, all-inclusive resorts and neighborhood fitness centers.


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