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    Routine vs. Whimsy – Where do you Fall?

    Do you find that you are  a person driven by routine or are you a bit more whimsical? I had never thought about this much until I took a Myers-Briggs personality test when I first started college. That question jumped out at me. Of course I was whimsical. Wasn’t everybody? I loved adventure and never wanted today to be like yesterday.

    Flash forward and now I am in a completely different life stage. Routines keep me sane. Since I am not a naturally routinized person, I unconsciously fought the implementation of family routines with all my might. But life as a Mom is a heck of a lot easier when things get done. Developing habits helps us make sure what needs to get done doesn’t fall through the cracks.

    So which of the following resonates more with you?

    1) Are you comforted when you find yourself engaged in routines day after day? Does the idea of stepping out of your routine seem a bit daunting?


    2) Does the idea of doing the same things every morning or evening seem difficult or impossible? Are you always down for a new adventure?

    Are you more like #1 or #2? Somewhere in the middle?

    You probably guessed that I am more like #2. I love last minute plans and seeing the potential possibilities in each new day.

    Now that I am a Mom, I’m finding that life is much smoother when I stay true to my daily habits and only treat myself to whimsy once in awhile. Yet committing to routine day in and day out is still a struggle.

    If you are a whimsical or adventurous person,  you feel my pain.

    In order to simplify life with young kids, you need to have a plan and execute that plan to maintain some consistency for them and some order for you. At least in our house, no one else is going to make sure we have clean clothes, food in the refrigerator, and consistent bedtime rituals. And honestly, a consistent bedtime is hard for us to maintain because my husband is a lot like me. We get home from work and want to hang out with the family. Heck, we might even go on a small adventure after dinner. And then we look at the clock and try to rush through bedtime routines only to look at the clock and realize that our daughters are late for bed….again.

    Sometimes being more organized and routinized will simplify your life. Like when you have kids.

    Other times letting go and making do on a whim is the best way to peel back your life to the essential.

    Honestly, I don’t think there is a right answer to the routine vs. whimsy question. Your particular life stage may require routine. Or your structured life may benefit from a dash of whimsy. It’s all about balance.

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