Free Day of Yoga

    Free Day of Yoga

    I am always down to try new yoga classes. When I heard that several yoga studios in our city banded together to host a Free Day of Yoga over Labor Day weekend, I was in. It was a classic case of too many yoga studios and so little time.

    We were encouraged to studio hop as much as we wanted to try out different styles, teachers and studio vibes.

    I took two classes at studios that I don’t normally frequent, including a yin class. Yin is a great way to slow down and get a good deep stretch.  My hips have been really tight lately from running around after small children and a lot of sitting at work. It was delicious to spend 20 minutes in sleeping swan pose peeling open my sticky hips.

    And I found a new favorite yoga studio. It offers many yoga styles throughout the day rather than sticking to one type. The studio itself is tiny and a bit older, but it’s clean. Most importantly, they offer classes at times that work for my schedule.

    I met the Free Day of Yoga organizer at one of my classes. She said the idea first started in Houston several years ago. Apparently this idea is sweeping the country and the free days offered vary by community.

    If you have ever been interested in yoga, do a quick Internet search to see if your community has a Free Day of Yoga coming up. And if you regularly practice yoga, it’s an opportunity to switch things up a bit and try out a different studio or style of yoga.

    Namaste y’all.


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