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    Frustrated Shopping? Your Guide to Experiential Gift Giving

    Maybe you are still stuck trying to think of the perfect gift for your favorite traveller who hasn’t quite settled down or your best friend who is in full declutter mode. Maybe you want to give to someone that has waaaay too much stuff. What do you do?

    Consider an experiential gift

    Gifts of experience can be the answer to the question “What do I buy for someone who has everything?” or “What do I buy for my minimalist family member?” Perhaps you decide to gift them an activity or help them out with your expertise.

    For example, my hubby is pretty handy, and he is always helping out my Mom with projects around her house. I think she appreciates his help much more than anything he can buy since she can no longer do the work herself.

    What other kinds of experience gifts can you give?

    For the kids:

    • Tickets to the local zoo
    • Tickets to a children’s museum (if you have one in your area)
    • Tickets to ride a train (really, any train. I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love a train ride)
    • Make them a certificate valid for a special outing to their favorite park with you.
    • Take them out for their favorite meal
    • Give them a day of yes. Basically, if they want to do something, then you do it. (I read about this awhile back, and the kids loved it. Let the recipient know they have to keep the requests within reason.)
    • Plan a family outing to one of their favorite places.
    • Take them to the movies or drive in

    Frustrated Shopping? Check out our Guide to Gifts of Experience

    For the bigger kids (aka adults):

    • Make them a meal or give them a gift card to a favorite restaurant.
    • For active peeps: Book a fun workout of their choice or one they have wanted to try. Better yet, do it together. (yoga, acrobatics, color run, obstacle course, etc.)
    • Help them complete a lingering household project
    • Movie tickets
    • Schedule time to hang out and spend the day on new experiences around town
    • Museum tickets
    • Bake something, bring it over, and spend time catching up while eating
    • Tickets to a favorite sporting or concert event (just make sure the recipient is available on the scheduled date)
    • For travelers: gift cards to their favorite airline.
    • If you are handy: Offer to help them with a project around the house. This is especially helpful for seniors and people with disabilities.
    • For avid online shoppers: offer to renew their Amazon Prime membership. At least you aren’t buying the actual items, just enabling their hobby a wee bit.

    Do you have any other ideas for an experiential gift? If so, I would love to hear it. Please share your ideas in the comments section below.

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