Daylight savings, meet early morning yoga

    I have this dream that I wake up at 5am every morning and run down to the local yoga studio to take a 5:45am yoga class. In my dream I return home feeling awake, open and energetic, all before the rest of the family wakes up. We then gets ready for the day together, and I make it to work on time. I am an early riser, and I feel good.

    Alas, it’s only a dream. The truth is that I’m not a morning person. I wake up most mornings between 6-7am because my 6-month-old is an early riser. Yet rising at 5am on a regular basis seems impossible. It’s a ridiculous mental block.

    With the help of daylight savings, I am about to make my dream of early morning yoga a reality.  Here is the plan–starting on Monday, I’ll wake up at the same time, or what feels like 6am. Since our clocks move back one hour, it will actually be 5am. This extra hour will give me the kick in the pants I need to fit in a yoga practice at the beginning of the day.

    I’m happy to use Daylight Savings as a convenient mind trick to add yoga back into my routine.

    What are you doing with your extra hour of sleep this weekend?

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